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Europe Again [yes, we drive]

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Hey fellas, we’re happy to tell you we’ll hit the road again in two days.

26.12 LA SALLE GUUELE, Marseille, Fr
27.12 THUNDERBIRD, Saint’Etienne, Fr
28.12 ARMONY BAR, Paris, Fr
29.12 TBA – Paris, FR
31.12 IL CIRCOLO, Mariano Comense, It, w/ the LEECHES
02.01 CLUB BOZAK, Teplitz, Cz, w/ the LEECHES
03.01 BLACK LAND Berlin, De, w/ the LEECHES
04.01 SUBWAY TO PETER, Chemnitz, De, w/ the LEECHES

8 Gigs around France, Italy, Germany and Czech Republic, and as you can see from this map, this will be a typical Seditius ride : )

And yes, after our trip in France, we’ll come back to Italy for New Years Eve, then pick up our might friends THE LEECHES and our crazy driver ROS (the Brokendolls) for five more days on the road.

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PS: we’re always looking for last minute gigs. If you can help, please send an email at

29/30 dec 2013 – France/Italy
1/5 jan 2014 – Germany / Czech Republic/ Austria w/ The Leeches.

Three more show before we hit the road again

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Hey fellas, we’re dropping these few lines just to tell you that we’ll play three more gigs in Italy before hit the road again and the end of this year.

11.23 – Tambourine, Seregno, Italy

12.14 – Music Sound, Cantù, Italy

12.21 – Arci Area, Carugate, Italy

Enjoy, Stay wild.

SEDITIUS / BROKENDOLLS austrian classic ride 2013

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We’ll hit the road with The Brokendolls this Halloween for our classic 3-day austrian ride.
Here’s the flyer and some more details about the gigs:

Oct. 31  - Baobab, Nogara, Italy
Nov. 01 – Das Bach, Wien, Austria
Nov. 02 – Club WakuUm, Graz, Austria

Media partner: Salad Days Magazine
Artwork by Matteo @ El Corazoon Tattoo 

A Vulgar Display of Gipsyness tour-report

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In the first week of the year we’ve been on tour with our fellas Antares and Nico “The Kid” Cremona.
This is what Nico filmed and what our buddy Sterven Jonger filmed. Enjoy

“A Radical Blues” new video out now!

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Hey fellas, we have a new video out today!
We’re talking about our song titled “A Radical Blues” and the clip features some live / on the road footage.
Directed by Nico @ Hardcheese.

MISPLACED out now!

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We’re proud to announce that our last record “Misplaced” is finally out on full free download.


We’d like to thank all the people we meet on the road in the last year. There’s a piece of everyone in this record and it wouldn’t be the same without all of you. Touring is an amazing experience and it has been the most inspiring thing behind this record.

This record goes out to all the good people we met across Europe in the last ten months. To those who helped us booking a show, to all the bands who shared their stage with us, to all the drunk fellas who drank everything till late with us, to all the people who gave us a bed or a flat to sleep, to those who will share this album or write about it.

Thanks for everything folks, we’ll meet soon on the road.

ps: by the way, here’s the release party event..

New Record coming soon

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We’ll be releasing “Misplaced” our new record on 3.11.2013. It will be released on a very limited cd edition and on full free download on Rancore Records.

It has been recorded by Carlo Leatherface at the Toxic Basement Studio in november 2012, mixed by Gianluca Amendolara at the Cellar Door Studio in december 2012 and mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at the New Mastering High End Studio in january 2013.
Here you’ll find the cover artwork and the tracklist.

1. §
2. A Radical Blues
3. So Far, So Good
4. Landscapes
5. Raid the Sky
6. On the Eve of the Hurricane
7. Further/Forever

New year and “A Vulgar Display of Gipsyness” euro tour with Antares

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This 2012 has been a crazy year and it’s weird to think about how many things you can find on your way in such a short time.

A year ago, in these days, we were facing the departure of a brother. People choose, everyone does, and sometimes you can just accept somebody else’ choice.

After 6 years on the road, after two records and countless shows together, we became a four piece. Twelve moths ago. For those who want to know, L is still one of our best friends. Even if we know we are just four stinky libertarians addicted to good rock n roll, friendship is still one of the best part in our life.

So we started to drive and in these twelve months we drove more than 10.000 kms and toured eight different countries, plaining in every kind of place. When you spend so much time on the road, sleeping every night with the same crew and facing bad and good times together with those you call “friends”, you realize this is more than friendship. This is your family.

Our friendship has grown stronger through this last year and the concrete result of all this time spent together are the 7 songs from the record we are going to release next month (we hope so).

There will be time for more news in 2013, good and unfortunately bad ones too. But for now, we’d just like to wish a good year to all of those who are going through a rough time, to all our friends thousands of kilometers far from here, to all those we met on the road, to all those who gave us a bed, some food, an help.

Ps: we’ll hit the road again on 1.1.2013. Come and be wild with us.

• 1.1 Malè, Italy.
• 1.2 Wien, Austria.
• 1.3 Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary.
• 1.4 Kosice, Slovakia.

• 1.5 Kremsmünster, Austria.
• 1.6 Seregno, Italy.

New European Raid!

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Hey fellas, how are you? It’s been a while since we didn’t update the site. We’ve been really busy tourin UK & France and writing new stuff for our new Ep.

Well, so here we are: on Wednesday 31 we’ll hit the road again with our long time friends The Brookendolls. We’ll be in Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany!

Here you have the tour schedule:
10.31 – Rolo, Italy
11.01 – Graz, Austria
11.02 – Teplitz, Czech Republic
11.04 – Freiburg, Germany

Soon we’ll post some news about the Ep. See you on the road, ϟ

Late summer news

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We’re going to record a brand new EP in the next two months.

We’re going to post a new video clip for A Turning Point In My Intifada featuring european tour and rehearsal footage really soon.

We’re going to tour England and France in september.

We’re going to suck as we always did.
Take care, ϟ.